Landmark Vertex

An innovative 5G solution offering a variety of sizes and colocation capacities

Landmark Vertex™ is an innovative wireless infrastructure solution for wireless carriers, municipalities, commercial enterprises, transportation authorities and utility field area networks.

The Landmark Vertex™ Colocation Ecosystem is a neutral-host, concealed smart pole that simultaneously supports 4G/5G, IoT, Wifi, security lights and cameras, carrier densification needs, private LTE networks and other wireless solutions through macro, mini macro and small cell deployments.

Landmark Vertex™ offers rapid operations and lower costs and is available ready-made or build-to-suit.

Your 5G Infrastructure Solution

Within the turbulent environment of the 5G build-out, Landmark Vertex™ stands alone as practical but sophisticated colocation infrastructure that provides tenants with a multitude of benefits:

  • Industry-leading infrastructure
  • Rapid colocation for 4G & 5G
  • Favorable cost model
  • Lower operator TCO
  • Provides for capacity & growth
  • Excellent operator experience

Dallas Area Rapid Transit

Landmark VertexTM has deployed for the nation's largest public transit network, Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART). VertexTM will provide: 5G connextivity, up to 300 kiosks with local content and real time data, emgergency notifications, security cameras and Wifi.

Creating value in these sectors

  • Stadiums & arenas
  • High-end commerical
  • Urban transit & smart cities
  • EV charging
  • Energy management

City of Lancaster, California

The city of Lancaster, California, chose Landmark’s Vertex™ ecosystem on over a dozen properties to help build its new wireless infrastructure, densify its network and embrace smart city technology.
Lancaster will also serve as a testing ground for new technologies including IoT sensors and video monitoring for public safety.

Carriers, municipalities, commercial enterprises, transit hubs and utility networks benefit from our turnkey solutions and custom builds

Vertex V1

Vertex V1

Data sheet

Mini-macro class: dense
40W output
9 radio bays, 9 antenna bays
Custom LED luminaries
4G/5G max concealment
12 RRUS LB + HB + integrated air
5G integrated radio antenna bays

Vertex V2

Vertex V2

Data sheet

Small cell class: dense
20W – 40W output
3 radio bays
Custom LED luminaries
4G/5G dense concealment
18 mRRUS OR 6 RRUS LB + HB + integrated air
5G integrated radio antenna bays

Vertex V3

Vertex V3

Data sheet

Mixed class
5 – 40W output2 radio bays
Custom LED luminaries
4G/5G concealment
3 MRRUS + (1-2) RRUS cantenna omni broad spectrum

Vertex V0<sup>T</sup>

Vertex V0T

Data sheet

Low power (ROW) equivalent
5 – 20W output
1 radio bay
Custom LED luminaries
4G/5G concealment
3 MRRUS cantenna
omni broad spectrum

The Landmark Vertex™ ecosystem

The Landmark Vertex™ ecosystem lives up to its name by dynamically meeting the wireless infrastructure needs for multiple sectors in the age of 5G. Whether it’s for the nation’s biggest public transportation hub or a forward-thinking city, Landmark Vertex™ is a streamlined and sophisticated solution that creates value in many ways.

Learn more about Landmark Vertex™ today

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