Negotiating And Selling Your Rooftop Cellular Site Leases

Rooftop leases have become a highly sought-after commodity, both by property owners and cellular providers alike. Rooftops make for an ideal location for cellular tower and microcell installations. Rooftops are typically free from interference, and without walls or other structures getting in the way, the wireless signals travel unimpeded. While negotiating with cellular providers, keep in mind that they have negotiated thousands of rooftop cell leases, and will ultimately have the advantage against property owners who are only just discovering the potential of their rooftops. Having an industry professional on your side can help even the playing field and ensure that the cellular providers are playing by the rules.During lease negotiations it is crucial that property owners seek counsel from an industry professional for guidance, otherwise they do risk leaving a great deal of money on the table. Landmark Dividend has extensive experience in helping property owners get maximum value out of their leases. When property owners want to turn future income into immediate cash, they can convert the monthly payments from the cellular providers into a lump sum payment from a company like Landmark Dividend. Our previous clients have used the lump sum to do things like pay off debt, start a new business, or even purchase additional property at another location that’s ideal for developing additional leases.If you have an existing rooftop lease that you’d like to sell, please contact us today for additional details.Landmark Dividend has the industry experience to help you get the most out of your rooftop lease. Learn the value of your lease with a free lease evaluation. Don’t hesitate to call us today at 800-843-2024 or click here to start the conversation.
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What Is A Lump Sum Payment From A Ground Lease Sale?

A lump sum payment from the sale of your ground lease is an amount based on the value of that lease over a given time period. If you’re a landowner with a ground lease agreement for a cell tower, billboard, wind turbine or solar farm, there is an important question to consider: are you getting the most value from your ground lease agreement?For many property owners, getting maximum value from a ground lease means selling the lease and using the proceeds to pursue greater economic value through a real estate, business, land or equities investment. Such investments over the long term often create far more value than accumulated rent over the same length of time.Monetizing a ground lease provides you with a significant cash payment that creates investment opportunities. Many of our customers use their proceeds to buy a new business that they couldn’t otherwise afford with just the piecemeal income from lease rent. Others improve or expand the business that they currently own in order to increase their revenue. Proceeds are usually taxed as capital gains, which is a lower rate than regular income.*A 1031 exchange is a great option. Keep all the proceeds from the sale of your cellular lease if you invest them in a property used for investment or business. Since taxes are deferred, a 1031 exchange keeps more money in your pocket.*Whether it’s a billboard lease, a cell tower lease, or even a fiber optic lease, we can offer you a fair value for your ground lease so that you have the financial flexibility to invest in your future. For more information on lump sum vs payments, call us today at 800-843-2024 or click here to submit your information, and if you qualify, we can provide you with a no obligation lease evaluation.* The information above is provided as general information on capital gains tax and the 1031 exchange process. Use of any information obtained from Landmark or its affiliates is for general information only and does not represent tax advice, either express or implied. You are encouraged to seek professional tax advice for tax questions and assistance.
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Digital Billboards And The Future Of Outdoor Advertising

If you’ve traveled anywhere in America by car, bus, or on foot, you’ve undoubtedly seen an electronic billboard. When we refer to an electronic or digital billboard, we are not only referring to traditional billboards like the ones you see next to freeways, but also smaller digital screens that might appear next to bus benches, shopping centers, or other high traffic areas. In order for any advertisement to really capture someone’s attention, the ad needs to engage the viewer. This is where smart billboards come into play.A smart advertisement, much like a smart phone or other wireless devices, is an advertisement that can dynamically react to its environment by sending and receiving data over a network. The concept of a smart advertisement has been around for quite some time; in fact, any digital, out of home advertising that can adapt its message based on the time, date, or the weather can already be considered a smart advertisement.Keep in mind that while these adaptive billboards may seem highly intelligent compared to traditional static billboards, they are still simple implementations that barely scratch the surface of what a truly high-tech billboard could achieve. Future billboards will dynamically react to their environment, changing the screen content based on information they can collect about you, the onlooker.In order to accomplish this task, the billboard or digital screens of the future will be equipped with an array of technologies ranging from cameras, radar, infrared, and antennas, which will provide the eyes and ears needed to be able to see, listen and react to their environment.An example of a more advanced digital outdoor ad might be one equipped with facial recognition cameras that are capable of identifying gender, facial expression, age, and the composition of a passing crowd. This capability would allow developers to program a series of videos that react dynamically to whoever may be in the vicinity.As these technologies become less expensive and more readily available, there is sure to be a push to develop and improve outdoor advertising for more intelligent interactivity. This expansion will provide a new level of convenience to consumers, and an opportunity for businesses to make their goods and services more widely known amongst their targeted demographic.If you are a developer who’s looking for a financial solution for your next billboard project, or if you happen to be the current owner of a billboard lease, Landmark Dividend may be of service to you. We are the largest and most experienced ground lease acquisition company in the country, and we can provide you with financial solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs. Please call us today at 800-843-2024 or click here to start the conversation.
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Landmark Dividend Acquires Marquee Portfolio of Assets In Quantum Park Data Center Campus In Northern Virginia

October 12, 2021 08:00 ET | Source: Landmark Dividend LLC EL SEGUNDO, Calif., Oct. 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Landmark Dividend LLC (“Landmark”), a leading real estate and infrastructure acquisition and development company, announced today that it has acquired approximately 1.2 million square feet of mission-critical data center space within the historic Quantum Park development located in the heart of Northern Virginia’s Data Center Alley. Featuring mission-critical, state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Quantum Park property has available land for hyperscale data center development with 32.5 megawatts (MW) of power on-site, an additional 32.5 MWs of power being brought to the site and access to 24 carriers. This acquisition marks Landmark’s 35th data center transaction – a milestone as Digital Infrastructure assets now comprise over $1 billion of Landmark’s assets under management.“We are extremely excited to expand our portfolio into Northern Virginia, the data center capital of the world,” said John Dobo, Executive Vice President of Landmark’s Digital Infrastructure division. “Quantum Park, with its ample power and cooling, dense connectivity and nearly 50 acres of available land for development, provides Landmark the opportunity to capitalize on the rapid expansion of digital infrastructure in Northern Virginia.”“The Quantum Park transaction is a testament to the successful digital infrastructure platform and team that we have built at Landmark,” said Tim Brazy, Chief Executive Officer of Landmark Dividend. “This acquisition further demonstrates our commitment to digital infrastructure and our greater resources and capabilities since the acquisition of Landmark Dividend by DigitalBridge Group, Inc. (NYSE: DBRG) in June 2021. We believe we are extremely well-positioned to build on our successful track record and strengthen our leadership position within the growing digital infrastructure market.”Bell Nunnally & Martin and McGuireWoods served as legal counsel for Landmark.
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Solar Farm Land Lease Rates: How Much Are Solar Farms Worth To Landowners?

The quick expansion in the solar industry has come as a result of two major factors: government programs like the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and falling photovoltaic (PV) prices—both of which contribute to solar developers seeing a much faster return on their investments, making solar development a much more lucrative prospect.This rapid expansion of solar energy production and the creation of solar farms across the United States are generating a number of financial opportunities for landowners, and especially large landowners, like farmers. Solar farm profits from photovoltaic panels can end up being far greater than traditional cultivation of crops.While it is possible to get in touch with a solar developer on your own, it is more likely that a solar developer will contact you first. Developers typically have an acute understanding of where the most valuable land is located and are also quick to act in reaching any new prospects.Determining the value of solar farm lease rates usually comes down to a process of evaluating the land itself and the actual lease negotiation. When a property catches the attention of a developer, they will usually send out a surveyor to determine whether or not the property meets certain criteria, which includes site characteristics such as: available land, amount of sunlight, proximity to electrical grid and soil quality.If the property passes the evaluation phase, the solar developer will then present a draft of the solar lease agreement to the property owner. The solar lease agreement will contain items such as the monthly rent that will be paid the property owner, the length of the lease, and how much acreage the development will require.Rental fees paid to the property owner can vary widely based on the unique characteristics of the land and the size of the solar installation. Solar farming can be quite profitable for some landowners, as most solar installations require, at minimum, 4 acres of useable land; however, there are some solar farms that span hundreds of acres, netting property owners hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.As one of the nation’s largest lease acquisition companies, Landmark Dividend can provide value, capital, and liquidity to qualified property owners with a solar lease agreement. While the annual income from a solar lease can be substantial, Landmark Dividend can provide you with a large, lump sum payment for the entire value of your lease now, so that you have the financial flexibility to pursue goals such as starting a new business, purchasing additional real estate, or even retiring early.Even if you’re not currently interested in selling your solar farm lease, we can still provide you a no-obligation analysis and valuation of your lease to determine its true market value. Please call us at 800-843-2024 or click here to start the conversation.
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How Will The 5G Rollout Impact Cell Tower Lease Rates?

5G networks are about to rapidly evolve what internet-based products and services are capable of doing. From driverless cars to streaming services, 5G could potentially bring about the biggest tech upgrade since the invention of the internet!Before 5G technology can take off and hit the mainstream, current network infrastructures will have to be upgraded and expanded, which has some interesting implications for landlords. New infrastructure means new cell sites, and in the case of 5G, the number of cell sites that will need to be created is substantial.5G networks will be up to 100 times faster than current 4G speeds. But the throughput of 5G might not be its most impressive feature. Network latency, or the time it takes for a specific node in the network to respond to another, is one of the biggest obstacles standing in the way of real-time communication, and it's something that 5G aims to eliminate. With latency removed from the equation, everything connected to the network, be it a mobile-user, a machine, or a piece of software, will be able to instantaneously send and receive data without any sort of disruption or delay hampering performance.Network densification is the process of expanding cellular connectivity in areas where the current network is unable to keep up with consumer demand, or, in areas where the network needs to be upgraded to support new technologies like 5G. This expansion is usually accomplished through the construction of new cell sites; however, equipment upgrades can also greatly improve both network coverage and capacity.5G densification can mean a couple of things for landlords: first, for landlords who do not have a cellular lease, there may be an opportunity to obtain an agreement that could result in substantial revenue. Although the odds of entering into a new cell tower lease agreement with a tower company are slim to none, it does happen from time to time, and with 5G expansion efforts well on their way, it’s certainly something that landlords should be paying attention to.In many cases, current cell sites will need to have their antennas upgraded or swapped out entirely, which is why it’s important that landlords understand what their rights are under their current lease agreement. It’s also important that landlords understand how the value of their cell tower lease will change once 5G equipment upgrades have been completed. Depending on the language of the cell tower agreement, landlords may be entitled to a greater amount of rent if, say, the site now houses every major carrier.Landmark Dividend is one of the nation’s largest and most successful lease acquisition companies, and we specialize in helping landlords discover the true value of their ground lease agreement. Although monthly rental payments can provide landlords with a substantial amount of additional income, a cell tower lease buyout might provide substantially more value over both the short and long-term. Making use of a 1031 exchange, landlords can avoid the capital gains tax, so long as the transaction funds are invested into a like-kind property.To learn more about cell tower lease buyouts and 1031 exchanges, please call us today at 800-843-2024 or click here. There is never a cost or obligation to speak with us, and we’re here to provide you with straightforward information to help you make the best possible financial decision regarding your cell tower lease.
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Landmark Dividend And Affiliates Announce Third Data Center Acquisition From Chirisa Investments

EL SEGUNDO, Calif., March 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Landmark Dividend LLC (“Landmark”), an industry leader in the acquisition and development of real property interests and digital infrastructure, and affiliates of Landmark announced today a data center acquisition in the greater Chicago area from Chirisa Investments (“Chirisa”). The newly-acquired data center facility covers more than 105,000 square feet, including over 30,000 square feet of white space, and more than 2.4 MW of critical load.This acquisition marks the third data center transaction that Landmark or its affiliates have completed with Chirisa, and follows the acquisition of two data centers located in the Seattle and New Jersey markets. The three Chirisa data centers offer more than 9.7 MW of critical IT load and cover more than 250,000 square feet, including 65,000 square feet of white space with ample expansion opportunities. Chirisa has executed long-term leases with an affiliate of Landmark at each location and will continue to operate each of the acquired facilities.Landmark and its affiliates have acquired 17 data center assets in the last 12 months for total consideration of more than $400 million.“Landmark is pleased to continue growing the partnership with Chirisa. We have expanded our data center portfolio in existing and new strategic markets through the acquisition of these three core facilities,” said Ryan Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Landmark’s Digital Infrastructure division. “The Chirisa transactions demonstrate our team’s ability to efficiently complete acquisitions in an unprecedented year filled with challenges. We look forward to building on our successful track record as we execute our strategic vision and strengthen our leadership position within the growing market of digital infrastructure investments.”“Chirisa continues to execute on its strategy of generating strong and sustainable returns from a portfolio of attractive Digital Infrastructure real estate and operating businesses”, said Colm Piercy, Executive Chairman of Chirisa. “Landmark Dividend has been a valuable partner as we build Chirisa’s position as a leading provider of integrated communications infrastructure, digital real estate and related services to enterprise and government customers across North America and Europe.”About Chirisa InvestmentsChirisa is a global investor active across Digital Infrastructure, Cloud, Communications and Security, and Real Estate. The firm’s exceptional track record of value creation is driven by a multidisciplinary investment approach, combining deep operating expertise with extensive private investment and financing experience. Chirisa’s operating businesses include Digital Fortress, Viatel, Clyde Real Estate, DataPlex and Digiweb.
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LED Billboards Vs Traditional Billboards: Should You Upgrade?

Digital billboards and other out of home advertising mediums are everywhere: we see them alongside highways, on our community streets, and even in underground subway tunnels.However, what we do not see is the impact that these digital billboards have on our behavior. The truth of the matter is that advertisements on digital billboards are one of the most effective methods for delivering marketing content.Digital billboards are impossible to miss, and the ability to display more than one advertisement is a huge advantage over traditional billboards that does not get mentioned enough. The development of new smart billboard technologies allows advertisers to have more sophisticated avenues for delivering marketing content than ever before.LED billboards offer many advantages over printed billboards, such as being able to rotate the displayed advertisement according to a set time interval, especially effective on freeways that are prone to getting congested. Additionally, LED billboards can also be seen at greater distances than traditional billboards, which is especially true at night when most traditional billboards suffer from poor lighting.If you’re currently the owner of a traditional billboard and would like to team up with a partner to help convert your billboard to digital, Landmark Dividend can help. As one of the nation’s largest ground lease acquisition companies, we can help get your smart billboard project off the ground quickly and efficiently.The process is simple: we pay billboard operators for the right to place an easement on their site and create a long-term lease agreement. Landmark then leases the site back to the operator. Our only interest is the ground lease and the easement that we create together. This transaction generates significant upfront capital to the operator without having to take on additional debt so that they can cover the LED billboard cost.If you’re a billboard operator or a developer looking to increase your revenue stream from a billboard conversion, Landmark Dividend has the experience and know-how to get your project off the ground. Please call us at 800-843-2024 or click here to start the conversation.
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Wind Turbine Lease Rates: How Much Are They Worth?

A wind farm lease is an agreement between a developer and a property owner that grants the developer the necessary rights to develop turbines at an agreed upon location. In return, the property will receive monthly rental payments from the developer for a set period of time (typically 35 years).Wind energy represents a cost-effective solution for land developers looking to produce and sell energy.Unlike other renewable energy sources like solar farms, wind turbines can be brought to full operation quickly, in as little as 3 months. Wind farms also offer one of the lowest environmental impacts on agricultural land.This means that energy developers who are looking for a quick return on investment (ROI), and green-friendly developers looking to minimize their impact on the planet would both do well with a wind farm project.Once the developer gets in contact with a property owner, they will send out a surveyor to take a closer look at the site’s suitability for a wind farm. Determining this suitability can be a strenuous process, as there are a variety of factors that come into play in predicting how productive a wind farm will be.Location is by far the biggest determining factor of whether or not a piece of land is suitable for the development of a wind farm. The property in question needs to receive a minimum wind speed of 4.5 m/s, it must be free of wind obstructing obstacles, and it must be located in a region where there is an energy need or a need to reduce carbon emissions.Most wind farm projects require at least 60 acres of land per megawatt produced; however, only a very small percentage (about 3%) of this land will actually be used for the placement of wind turbines and other supporting infrastructure. The remaining amount of acreage is typically kept “as is” to ensure that there are no air flow obstructions.While the rental payments from a wind farm lease can be substantial, some property owners may find it more beneficial to receive the entire value of their lease paid up-front, in a single lump sum payment, rather than having to wait for incremental payments over the course of 35 years.Landmark Dividend offers the best wind turbine lease buyouts in the market, providing large, lump-sum payments for the value of your wind farm lease. Allowing you to cash-out the value of your long-term lease quickly so you can use those funds for a variety of other purposes, like early retirement, a new business venture, or even purchase more land.For a free, no obligation site valuation, call us at 800-843-2024 or click here to start the conversation.
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Cell Tower Lease Rates Explained

Of all the types of leases out there in the world, cell tower leases are probably the least familiar to the general population. However, while most people may not be aware of them, these leases are an exceptional asset, and one worth considering selling.A cell tower lease is an agreement between two parties: a property owner who has space available for the installation of cellular equipment, and a cellular provider such as AT&T or Verizon. The agreement grants the cellular provider permission to construct a cell tower on the property at the cost of a monthly rental fee to the property owner.Cell towers on private property are one of the best ways to provide much-needed network capacity. Cellular providers are actively securing property for the placement of network-expanding cellular towers in areas where there is a high demand for additional bandwidth.Cell tower lease rates are based on these factors:
  • The type of cellular lease: there are several types of cell tower leases to be aware of and each of them is worth a varying amount in rental fees to property owners.
  • The geographic area of service: if the property is located in an area where there aren’t many options for cellular expansion, then the tower is a more valuable asset.
  • Available alternatives and new technologies: if the telecom company can expand their network without the use of a tower, existing towers become less valuable.
Landmark Dividend can help you understand the true value of your cell tower site with our site valuation services. Through a site valuation, we provide property owners with insight into the value of the potential cell tower site, as well as the value of the cell tower sites in the surrounding area. Please call us at 800-843-2024 or click here to start the conversation.
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Out Of Home Advertising: Is It Still Worth It?

Marketing teams have more tools at their disposal than ever to reach, impress, and ultimately convince consumers to open their wallets. The problem is that consumers are overwhelmed: American adults already spend close to 11 hours a day interfacing with advertisements on either a screen or over the air, and this time spent is only going to increase as more and more of our personal and professional lives become centered around digital devices.Consumers are spending so much time interfacing with ads that many of them are starting to “zone out” when exposed to online marketing materials or block them from their web browser altogether, a sentiment that is reinforced by recent internet surveys reporting consumer mistrust for intrusive ads or ads that appear to be targeted to their specific interests.Despite all of this, there is still one type of marketing strategy that is still engaging consumers, and it’s Out Of Home advertising (OOH): advertisements that you might see while commuting to work, walking to the grocery store, or dining downtown. In many cases, OOH advertising takes the form of billboards, bus bench ads, murals, posters and digital kiosks.A recent Nielsen study offers some important insights into why companies such as Netflix, Apple, Google, and Amazon still choose to spend inordinate amounts of money on OOH marketing campaigns.After analyzing a total of 4,020 online surveys, the Nielsen study discovered the following:
  • 51% of adults surveyed noticed a poster advertisement in the past month, and 38% noted a poster in the past week.
  • The average ad recall per poster campaign tested was 47%.
  • Younger adults were more likely to notice posters, with 71% of individuals between the ages of 25 and 34 noticing a poster in the past month.
  • Brands using 40 or more posters yielded substantially higher ad recall levels.
  • 50% of poster viewers reported being highly engaged with the ads and looked at the messages either all or most of the time.
  • Over half of poster viewers agree that poster ads stand out more than ads seen in newspapers, online, on mobiles devices, or over the radio.
Out Of Home advertising continues to show its worth as it offers advertisers more ways than ever before to engage and deliver their message to prospective customers. As the technology continues to evolve, we’re likely to see even more sophisticated examples of digital, smart billboards in the coming years.If you are a developer who’s looking for a financial solution for your next billboard project, or if you happen to be the current owner of a billboard lease, Landmark Dividend may be of service to you. To find out more about how Landmark Dividend can help you get started on your new project, or how we can unlock the true value of your billboard lease, please call us today at 800-843-2024 or click here to start the conversation.
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Landmark Dividend Expands Into Turnkey Data Center Leasing With Its Latest Acquisition In Phoenix, AZ

EL SEGUNDO, CA – April 14, 2020 – Landmark Dividend LLC (“Landmark”), an industry leader in the acquisition and development of real property interests and digital infrastructure, announces today that it has acquired a data center campus located in Phoenix, Arizona in March 2020. The 184,000-square-foot, 16+ MW enterprise data center campus signifies the company’s expansion into offering a move-in ready, turnkey data center platform. The Phoenix acquisition is the 16th data center asset acquired by the digital infrastructure division in the last 18 months, and it is currently more than 50 percent occupied by a long-term, major technology-based financial services company.The newly acquired data center campus consists of three data center buildings and an office area designed to Tier IV standards and currently has an immediate lease opportunity of up to 9 MW of existing data center capacity with PUEs as low as 1.15. Landmark’s expanded data center infrastructure offerings are strengthened through an exclusive partnership with BCS, a Dallas-based critical facilities operations company. BCS’ capabilities include facility management, security, janitorial and IT services solutions that feature best-in-class service-level guarantees. Landmark has engaged the JLL Data Center Solutions team in Phoenix as the exclusive leasing manager of the data center campus.“We’re excited to continue the expansion of our digital infrastructure platform, building on the team’s impressive history of data center investment and acquisition activity,” comments Ryan Sullivan, Senior Vice President of Landmark’s Digital Infrastructure division. “Our new Phoenix data center campus with its significant capabilities represents a new era for our team, and we look forward to supporting turnkey data center requirements in a market where data demands continue to expand rapidly. As an experienced data center and real estate company, we understand the sophisticated needs of buyers in the era of converged infrastructure, and we’re now better positioned to seamlessly meet those needs.”“This expansion into the turnkey data center sphere means that ready-to-go companies can immediately gain access to a move-in-ready facility that is tier-rated for high density applications,” continues Sullivan. “The Landmark and BCS critical facility operations partnership has shown it can save enterprise data center users 15% to 25% in operating costs annually, and these opportunities and advantages continue to be backed by Landmark’s industry-leading platform and management team.”Landmark’s new 16 MW data center campus has up to 9 MW of currently available space and power. The data center campus buildings were constructed between 2010 and 2014 with roof capacity loads of up to 1.4 M pounds. The facility is fortified with a storage warehouse and is designed for Tier IV compliancy, offering full redundancy across its entire infrastructure while providing access to over 10 carrier networks onsite.
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