Renewables Financing

Get your project up and running faster and become profitable sooner.

If you are a renewable energy developer looking for a solution to the high cost of acquiring land, Landmark Dividend can help. We are an infrastructure focused real estate investor that helps fund utility-scale renewable energy projects in domestic and global markets, adding value to renewable energy development.

We also identify opportunities to buy land under existing utility-scale assets and partner with developers for the financing of new projects. Landmark is eager to speak with developers early in the process and come up with a strategy for the real estate.

Once a development is ready for construction, Landmark can acquire the land, significantly reducing the capital developers need to get a project off the ground. Landmark enables developers to use their own capital for more efficient purposes, and increases their overall project returns.

Land Financing

Landmark purchases the land needed and leases it back to the developer. In some cases the developer buys the land and sells Landmark a 30-year interest, via an easement.

Developers Recoup Costs

Landmark can lease the land back to the project company for a 30-year easement. After 30 years, the easement goes away and the developer gets back all of the land rights.

Business Partners

Partnering with Landmark allows developers to use their capital for other investments, manage their budget and reap tax credits.

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“Please accept the kudos for putting together a great team and for a job well done. Your professionalism shone through and I remain pleasantly surprised!”

Michael - San Mateo, CA

“Landmark Dividend answered all our questions and was available when we called multiple times. After many phone calls and multiple questions, we were always treated respectfully.”

Richard & Michele - Brainerd, MN

“I just want to take a moment to thank you for your business and the excellent, prompt work regarding our lease”

Mike - Evansville, Indiana

“I was pleased with my decision to go with Landmark Dividend. I was given the time and explanations necessary to help me feel satisfied with the transaction. Payment was also super fast!”

Lisa - Ogdensburg, NY

“We felt more informed and less pressured by Landmark Dividend. They understood our needs and when we were ready to sell, Landmark was quick, fair and knowledgeable.”

Christopher & Julie - Sherborn, MA

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